Flora da Bahia: Leguminosae – Aliança Chloroleucon (Mimosoideae: Ingeae)

Priscilla Gomes Cardoso de Almeida, Elvia Rodrigues de Souza, Luciano Paganucci de Queiroz
2015 SITIENTIBUS série Ciências Biológicas  
A floristic survey of the genera Blanchetiodendron, Chloroleucon and Leucochloron is presented for the state of Bahia, Brazil. Five species of Chloroleucon (C. acacioides, C. dumosum, C. extortum, C. foliolosum and C. tortum), two of Leucochloron (L. limae and L. minarum) and the only species of Blanchetiodendron (B. blanchetii) were recognised. Identification keys to genera and species, descriptions and comments for taxa, as well as illustrations and distribution maps of the species in Bahia,
more » ... species in Bahia, are presented.
doi:10.13102/scb289 fatcat:jd5htq5hfjhprf2zzzf2fvdb2u