Development of the "interactivelab" platform for network analysis in soccer

Marcos Rodrigo Trindade Pinheiro Menuchi, Matheus Almeida Santos Anjos, Claudia Thalita Andrade Mendes, Matheus Santos Cardoso da Silva, Osmar Silva Nascimento, Marcelo Ossamu Honda
2021 Motriz: Revista de Educacao Fisica  
Aims: To introduce a platform called "InteractiveLab" (ILab) for collecting and analyzing ball passing networks during soccer games. Methods: The software was organized to collect data through a mobile interface and touch screen and simultaneously access that data from a remote database, allowing the automated acquisition, storage, and processing of data during games through an application from the web. The analysis is based on the concept of social networks, characterized by the interaction of
more » ... the interaction of players through passing exchanges. Results: This descriptive study presents the construction architecture and functioning of the developed software. It also presents the results of intra-and inter-rater reliability and a comparison with the manual collection method. Data were extracted and viewed according to the attacking unit classifications, with the following four outcomes: (a) interception, (b) lost ball, (c) incompletion, and (d) completion. This classification allows for the configuration of the data for a more precise analysis. Some limitations were highlighted, as well as future projections for the improvement of applications and analysis of the interactions network in the context of soccer. Conclusion: It is concluded that the InteractiveLab platform is a viable and beneficial tool that offers new possibilities for analysing performance in soccer. Moreover, given the lack of solutions that work similarly, this product also has market potential.
doi:10.1590/s1980-657420210015220 fatcat:sf2mdvjeozdf5cye35t7edys6e