Evidence for presence of female produced pheromone components in male scent brush extract of castor semi-looper moth Achaea janata L

K N Jyothi, A L Prasuna, A R Prasad
2005 Indian journal of experimental biology  
Hexane extract of male terminalia (along with scent brushes) of castor semi-looper moth, Achaea janata L, elicited significant olfactory responses in both male and female insects by electroantennogram recording technique. However, male extract in the wind tunnel evoked noticeable behaviour responses in the female insects only. Orientation response of the males to the male extract was not evident in wind tunnel experiments. Two electrophysiologically-active compounds were identified from the
more » ... tified from the male extract. Based on GC retention times and mass spectrometry the two compounds were confirmed as (Z,Z)-9,12-octadecadienal and (Z,Z,Z)-3,6,9-heneicosatriene. These two compounds are also constituents of female produced four-component blend of A. janata.
pmid:15875717 fatcat:tomikrf5fvdqdicfduhlkvjirq