Lead and Cadmium Level in Animal Organ Samples from Niger Delta, Nigeria

Okoye Esther, Orish Ebere Orisakweand, Nwaogazie Ifeanyi Lawrence
2020 World Journal of Innovative Research  
Pages 23-26 23 www.wjir.org  Abstract-Man questfor urbanization and industrialization has resulted to more pollutants introduced to the biosphere on a daily basis. Heavy metals are one form of pollutant that get into the biosphere and are transferred to humans through the intake of food contaminated with heavy metals, direct breathing of air contaminated with heavy metals and through skin contact which possess serious health concerns. The objective of this present study is to assess the heavy
more » ... o assess the heavy metals in animal organs in Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The metal concentration of lead (Pb) and Cadmium (Cd) were obtained in 84 meat and poultry samples using a Solar Thermo-Elemental Flame Absorption Spectrometer (S4 710). The result of the metal concentration showed that the liver of the animal organs tends to accumulates more heavy metals than any other animal organ parts. The highest mean metal concentration for lead(9.56±3.95ppm) was found in cow meat liverwhich was higher than the maximum limit of 0.5ppm for animal offal and 0.1ppm of animal meats. The highest mean concentration of cadmium was found in cow meat liver with a mean concentration of 0.02218±0.013ppm while the lowest mean concentration of cadmium was found in broiler chicken muscle with a mean concentration of 0.00248±0.002ppm. The result from the ANOVA showed that there was significant different in the mean metalconcentration for lead in the different animal organ but there was no significant different in the mean metal concentration for Cd. The result of the study indicate that cow meat liver and muscles in the Niger Delta region in Nigeria are heavy polluted with heavy metal and should not be regularly consumed.
doi:10.31871/wjir.7.6.16 fatcat:lkrmnx5ep5anrmu7n3z24rmpry