Zenon Klemensiewicz a składnia dialektów polskich i słowiańskich

Maciej Rak
2019 LingVaria  
Zenon Klemensiewicz and the Syntax of Polish and Slavic Dialects The paper discusses two issues: 1) Z. Klemensiewicz's previously unknown research in the area of dialectal syntax, and 2) his dispute with J. Bauer, regarding the inclusion of syntax in Ogólnosłowiański atlas językowy ('General Slavic linguistic atlas'). It has transpired that the collections of the Archive of Science of PAN and PAU in Cracow contain Klemensiewicz's materials for Zarys składni polskich dialektów ('An outline of
more » ... syntax of Polish dialects'), excerpted from K. Nitsch's Wybór polskich tekstów gwarowych ('A selection of Polish dialectal texts'), as well as the manuscript of the polemic with Bauer's proposal. It seems probable that, by describing the syntax of Polish dialects, Klemensiewicz wanted to capture the characteristics of the syntax of spoken Polish.
doi:10.12797/lv.14.2019.28.20 fatcat:dac2cb6zhvcg5c4e5glse4mouu