Zooming in on VY CMa ejecta

Guillermo Quintana-Lacaci
2019 Zenodo  
ALMA has allowed us to study the ejecta around evolved stars with unprecedented resolution. This extremely high resolution at the millimeter domain provides a unique tool to study the processes taking place in the innermost regions of these evolved stars. In particular, the processes leading to the mass ejections of the Red Supergiant stars are unknown. The pulsation process responsible for mass ejection in the intermediate mass AGB phase does not work in the high mass evolved stars. Therefore,
more » ... d stars. Therefore, studying the characteristics of the mass ejections near the photosphere of the massive stars is essential to constrain the processes leading to the observed gas ejection. In this sense, we have obtained interferometric maps in the range 231.7 – 235.3 GHz of the ejecta around the Red Supergiant star VY CMa with an spatial resolution of ~0.02". These maps revealed a level of complexity higher than previously anticipated from previous observations. The complexity seems to be due both to structural and chemical processes. The molecular lines covered within these maps range from upper energies 19 up to 3400 K, tracing different excitation conditions. We will present a global view of the different structures observed
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3585425 fatcat:t6nhwizez5hrnfghcjhozhxn3q