Polypropylene grafted with glycidyl methacrylate using supercritical CO2 medium

M. H. Kunita, E. M. Girotto, E. C. Muniz, A. F. Rubira
2006 Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering  
Films of polypropylene (PP) were grafted with glycidil methacrylate (GMA) using supercritical CO 2 as swelling agent and solvent. Different pressures and temperatures were used to study their effects on the soaking and grafting process. FTIR results showed signals at 1726 and 1640 cm -1 , assigned to C=O and C=C (after the soaking process), and a decreased signal at 1640 cm -1 (after the grafting procedure), suggesting the effective grafting of GMA. For the grafted material immersed in
more » ... mmersed in ethylenediamine, peaks in the 3600 to 3250 cm -1 range (N-H stretching) were evident. Contact angle measurements showed an increasingly hydrophilic nature in the direction from pure PP to grafted PP/GMA (PP-g-GMA) to PP-g-GMA immersed in ethylenediamine (PP-g-GMA/En). X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy provided evidenced of the effective incorporation of ethylenediamine in the grafted material.
doi:10.1590/s0104-66322006000200015 fatcat:xuvcemlaqrg2rm64a2yw6hhpoq