Highly sensitive temperature sensor using packaged optical microfiber coupler filled with liquids

Yuxuan Jiang, Zaijin Fang, YanQiu Du, Elfed Lewis, Gerald Farrell, Pengfei Wang
2018 Optics Express  
A novel temperature sensor based on a Teflon capillary encapsulated 2 × 2 optical microfiber coupler (OMC) filled with refractive index matching liquids is described. The sealed capillary and the filling liquid are demonstrated to enhance the temperature sensing performance, achieving a high temperature sensitivity of 5.3 nm/°C. To the best of our knowledge, the temperature sensor described in this article exhibits the highest sensitivity among the OMC structure based fiber optic temperature
more » ... ptic temperature sensors. Experimental results also show that it has good repeatability along with a fast response time of 243 ms.
doi:10.1364/oe.26.000356 pmid:29328312 fatcat:5vlcm2gz4bhjlmbsx3uaqah6xy