Serum lactoferrin in lepromatous leprosy patients

1993 Leprosy Review  
The serum concentrations oflactoferrin were determined by competi tive enzyme immunoassay in the sera of 38 lepromatous leprosy patients and 16 healthy volunteers. Of the 38 lepromatous patients, 25 were without any sign of reactions while 13 were suffering from EN L type of reactions. The lactoferrin levels, in both types of patients, were observed to be significantly higher'(P < 0·0 I and < 0·00 I, respectively) than in that of healthy volunteers. The rise in lactoferrin level in reactive
more » ... vel in reactive patients was also higher (P < 0'05) when compared to th ose without reactions. The serum lactoferrin levels were also fo und to be associated with bacterial load (r= 0-414; P < 0·0 I) indicating that in lepromatous leprosy patients, lactoferrin may not be very effective in preventing the growth of My cobacterium leprae. Further studies to improve the understanding of the role of elevated levels of lactoferrin in pathogenesis of lepromatous leprosy patients and in establishing its possible use in predicting the occurrence of ENL type of reactions would be worthwhile pursuing. 0305-75 18/93/064295 + 07 lII O 1.00 © Lepra
doi:10.5935/0305-7518.19930033 fatcat:mtu67ido6rg7dfbhgw7ciaj7gi