Concepto de riesco: (dis)continuidades entre corrientes epidemiológicas

Carolina Ocampo, Anibal Eduardo Carbajo, Guillermo Folguera
2020 Principia: An International Journal of Epistemology  
In the present study we analyze if the risk concept of the hegemonic epidemiologychanges its nature in purportedly alternative currents as ecoepidemiology and socialepidemiology focused in multilevel analysis.We analyze the way this concept is distinguishedin every current and its relationship with other epidemiologic key notions as cause. We findthat the risk concept and the notion of cause remain relatively unchanged among the differentcurrents even when there is some theoretical discussion
more » ... out the complexity of multilevelsystems and other explanations for the events. Finally we discuss some consequences aboutthe appropriation of the risk concept in multiple interventions in the health field. We indicatethat the fragmented nature of the risk concept is problematic because it can make thesocial aspects of the disease considered only in a functional perspective. Alternatively to thatwe develop the vulnerability concept as a knowledge framed in a hermeneutical perspective.The vulnerability concept acts as a mediator knowledge between epidemiology and theinterventions in the health field. In the same way we point out some concerns from the anthropologicalfield about the simplification of social senses and omission of meanings aboutthe health of the communities.
doi:10.5007/1808-1711.2020v24n3p633 fatcat:rnnt7hi3dfeqng5lytn7qirk6y