Reaction of rat connective tissue to implanted dentin tubes filled with a white mineral trioxide aggregate

Roberto Holland, Valdir de Souza, Mauro Juvenal Nery, Italo Medeiros Faraco Júnior, Pedro Felício Estrada Bernabé, José Arlindo Otoboni Filho, Eloi Dezan Júnior
2002 Brazilian Dental Journal  
The purpose of this paper was to study the reaction of rat subcutaneous connective tissue to the implantation of dentin tubes filled with white mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), a material that will be marketed. The tubes were implanted into rat subcutaneous tissue and the animals were sacrificed after 7 and 30 days. The undecalcified pieces were prepared for histological analysis with polarized light and von Kossa technique for mineralized tissues. Granulations birefringent to polarized light
more » ... nd an irregular structure like a bridge were observed next to the material; both were von Kossa positive. Also, in the dentin wall tubules a layer of birefringent granulations was observed. The results were similar to those reported for gray MTA, indicating that the mechanisms of action of the white and gray MTA are similar.
pmid:11870957 fatcat:fpebuncljfeqhocrfixvtqtgiq