Technology Arrestment oder Innovationsmanagement?

Martin Haberland, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin
In consequence of the creation of the "Office of Technology Assessment" (OTA) of the United States Congress in the early 1970s, in Germany a debate about creating an institutional equivalent of a political consulting institution started. Like the OTA, it was supposed to consult political deciders about potential impact of new technologies and technical innovations. While the disussion focused mainly on TA as a political instrument of consulting and regulation, some authors aked for adressing
more » ... ed for adressing the industry as well. Primarily, they tried transferring the political TA-concept to private economy. A TA- integration was supposed to help companies to assess the potentional impact of their pdoducts and benefit from the assessments by establishing corresponding innovation management procedures. This dissertation tries to answer the question, if and in what way the efforts of the TA-authors to transfer the TA-idea to the product management of german industry succeeded.
doi:10.14279/depositonce-5441 fatcat:3xp5by6lprhujodwwvu2ah3fcm