The Wave Nature Phenomena and the Gravitational Field

Sankar Palchoudhury
2020 International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences  
A BS TRACT We are familiar with wavewater wave in pond, river, sea, sound wave in the air, the light wave, the infrared wave comes from the sun to the earth. Water waves arise for the disruption in the area of water. In the air, sound waves occur for some disorder. The gravitational field is surrounded everywhere in the universe. Light waves, infrared waves, radio waves are the cause of disruption in the gravitational field. Surges of seawater bear more power than river water because of the
more » ... because of the density of sea waterheavy than river water. Light waves and others of the sun carries more force than earth because the gravitational field intensity of the sun is higher than the ground. In this paper, we will study the cause of why the nature phenomena of waves such as light disturbs in the gravitational field.
doi:10.14331/ijfps.2020.330136 fatcat:psioxjv32fh5bbsweeltumblvi