Strategies used in the translation of fixed expressions in magazines: A comparison of selected texts with Afrikaans as source language and South African English as target language

Alan Murdoch
2017 Literator  
This article will look at the translation of idioms and other types of fixed expressions from Afrikaans (the source language) into South African English (the target language), from selected texts in Huisgenoot and You magazines from a study conducted over the 10-week period from 18 July 2013 to 19 September 2013. The article will start by looking at the difficulties in defining idioms and other types of fixed expressions and will draw on the work of Rosamund Moon for this. It then uses the
more » ... then uses the strategies on the translation of idioms (and other types of fixed expressions) in Mona Baker's In Other Words to categorise a set of 70 such expressions according to the strategy used to translate them and concludes by looking at whether equivalence is obtained.
doi:10.4102/lit.v38i2.1335 fatcat:xuhgcrajxvd7xexd5r5vcfs4si