A Path to Understand the Takfiris: Similarities of Takfiris and Kharijites

Ebrahim Barzeghar
2014 Faṣlnāmah-i Pizhūhish/hā-yi Rāhburdī-i Siyāsat  
Political behaviors of Takfiris have made many scholars to think about similarities of this stream with the early Kharijites of Imam Ali's era. There are many signs of similar behaviors, arguments, and theoretical stances between the two which makes us think about the conceptualization of neo-Kharijites. In this paper, as hypothesis it has been argued that Takfiris can be considered neoKharijites as they refer to the past with information to reveal unknowns. The methodology of the research is
more » ... f the research is comparative. Some efforts have been made to decode mysteries of the behaviors of the Takfiris and to extract some patterns from the actions of Kharijites to analyze Takfiris. In this paper, we identified twenty five similarities in believes, and manners between these traditional and modern streams
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