Routes to Remembering: Lessons from al Huffaz

Mariam Adawiah Dzulkifli, Abdul Wahab bin Abdul Rahman, Jamal Ahmed Bashier Badi, Abdul Kabir Hussain Solihu
2016 Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences  
Al Quran is the basis for all aspects of Muslim's life. These words of Allah are to guide us in every phase of our journey to become ummatan wasata including teaching and learning. Remembering is essential in one's attempt to learn. Remembering involves one core cognitive process known as memory. This research aims to explore and form a better understanding on the cognitive basis underlying human memory, so as to help in optimizing one's own ability to learn. We have chosen to study the memory
more » ... o study the memory of Al Huffaz, i.e. those who memorize the Quran because of their exceptional memory performance to commit such a volume in their memory. In the Western literatures, the most influential research on people with superior memory performance focused mainly on chess players (Chase & Simon, 1973). In our context Al Huffaz are considered as people with superior memory performance due to the greater body of knowledge, the possession of accurate memory and superior ability to store information in memory. The exceptional memory ability of the Al Huffaz was investigated via a detailed and structured interviews and a survey. The findings from the interviews strengthened the involvement of several control processes such as rehearsal, motivation or interest and self-discipline. In addition, the findings from the survey revealed that the best predictor to memorizing ability is the self-efficacy and goal setting behavior. The understanding on this cognitive basis underlying human memory will definitely help to develop ummatan wasata mentioned in the Quran become a reality.
doi:10.5901/mjss.2016.v7n3s1p121 fatcat:c6dsy43zvvga5h64ejjwzp7mwq