"It's their way of protecting them": Between care and control in an honor context for youths with intellectual disabilities

Lotta Löfgren-Mårtenson, Pernilla Ouis
2018 Papers of Social Pedagogy  
Today's multicultural society is characterized by contradictory sexual norms that may have consequences for youths with intellectual disabilities' possibilities of choosing a partner and expressing their sexuality. However, the body of knowledge concerning the area of youths with intellectual disabilities is limited. This study aims to examine professionals' views on honor-related experiences among youths with intellectual disabilities. The data consists of nine qualitative interviews with
more » ... nterviews with professionals in special schools (personal assistants and teachers). In addition, 11 professionals were included at pre-meetings while designing the study. A thematic analysis was conducted while using sexual script as a theoretical framework. The results are presented in the following themes: (1) The professionals' perceptions of the young people's abilities to deal with honor-related experiences; (2) The professionals' opinions of the existence of honor-related experiences among youth with intellectual disabilities; and (3) Descriptions of the professionals' conduct toward the youths with intellectual disabilities concerning honor-related experiences. The analysis shows an honor script geared towards youths with intellectual disabilities, which can be described as a continuum between care and control connected to cultural sexual norms and to the disability. The families' strive for a so-called normality seem to be an important factor in understanding for example arranged marriages among youths with ID. To meet the needs of these youths, the professionals require tools to navigate between care and control in this complicated arena of contradictory sexual and cultural norms.
doi:10.5604/01.3001.0011.5848 fatcat:psuokqfb4nggbbo7tr2or7gtia