Effect of Surface Copper Species on NO + CO Reaction over xCuO-Ce0.9Zr0.1O2 Catalysts: In Situ DRIFTS Studies

Pengying Li, Lu Feng, Fulong Yuan, Dong Wang, Yongli Dong, Xiaoyu Niu, Yujun Zhu
2016 Catalysts  
In this work, the activity of xCuO-Ce 0.9 Zr 0.1 O 2 catalysts for the reaction of NO + CO was investigated. Especially, in situ DRIFTS was applied to investigate the surface species under the adsorption of NO and/or CO and the reaction of NO and CO to understand the key intermediates species and reaction process of NO + CO. The results suggest that the copper oxide species are well dispersed on the surface of the catalysts, which can be easily reduced to form Cu + species. The Cu + species are
more » ... he Cu + species are proposed to be important activity species. The results of this work also suggest that N 2 O 2 2− is likely an intermediate species that plays an important role in NO reduction by CO. Thus, more Cu + and highly dispersed copper oxide species are expected to be beneficial for the reaction of CO + NO over the xCuO-Ce 0.9 Zr 0.1 O 2 catalysts.
doi:10.3390/catal6080124 fatcat:d4iwlzlydfd4ln37frmobpvxra