The structure of NH4F as determined by neutron and X-ray diffraction

H. W. W. Adrian, D. Feil
1969 Acta Crystallographica Section A  
Neutron and X-ray intensities of NH4F were measured at -196°C and -155°C respectively. The wurtzite type structure and space group P63mc were confirmed. The displacement of the two h.c.p. sublattices, formed by each of the F--and NH + -ions, is such that all bond-distances are equivalent. The N-H bond distances as found from the X-ray data are about 0"1 A. shorter than those obtained from the neutron data. The final weighted R values were 1.9% and 2.6% for the X-ray and neutron data respectively.
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doi:10.1107/s056773946900088x fatcat:pmarzlqns5fhzbvqhguka3t32y