How is the healthcare system in Romania healthy? [chapter]

2020 Management and evolution of the European Union member states in the Big Data era  
Those who conceived of the wage-setting mechanism in Romania's health after 1990 did not imagine that the damage caused by this mechanism would survive beyond communism. The increasingly easy access to databases has revealed the real situation of the Romanian health system, the problems it faces. The perspective created by statistics and numbers is rather bleak, sometimes discouraging. The aim of the study is to highlight some characteristics of the Romanian health system in a mainly economic
more » ... a mainly economic approach and to try to imagine solutions to solve such troublesome problems for a system that is often considered to belong to the category "Too sick to find a good cure."
doi:10.2478/9788395720475-019 fatcat:glc7kdofync4rbsc3nmx7lljci