Tetiana Derkach
2016 Science and Education  
The article goal is to examine the actual state of the use of electronic resources in teaching chemical disciplines, as well as to justify common approaches to the expedient choice of means of information and communication technology for learning. To achieve this goal, the following methods were used: questionnaire, survey of experts to determine the real state of the use of electronic resources in teaching chemical sciences; classification of available electronic resources to rank their
more » ... o rank their expedience; computer testing to determine personal characteristics of the educational process participants and statistical methods using SPSS software package to interpret the experimental data obtained. The statistical analysis included a comparison of samples, data validation, dispersion tests for statistical significance difference (ANOVA package), and correlation analysis for metric (Pearson"s statistics) and rank (W Kendall"s statistics) variables. The actual state of the use of eresources in teaching chemical disciplines was studied. Various parameters, such as functionality, demand for the use of a given resource in accordance with expert"s opinion and correlations with students" preferred learning styles, were used for the classification of e -resources and for the identification of several groups for further analysis. A significant discrepancy between the necessary provision of learning process with e-resources and the real state of the problem was established on the base of experts" opinions. Two important aspects of the contradictions were revealed, namely the teachers recognize the need of usage of different types of e-resources but do not use some of them in their practice. The appraisal of expediency of the use of certain eresources is significantly different from the viewpoint of students and faculty. This creates prerequisites for reducing the effectiveness of the use of e-resources. Тетяна Михайлівна Деркач, доктор педагогічних наук, доцент кафедри промислової фармації, Київський національний університет технологій та дизайну, вул. Немировича-Данченка, 2, м. Київ, Україна ЕЛЕКТРОННІ РЕСУРСИ У НАВЧАННІ БАЗОВИХ ХІМІЧНИХ ДИСЦИПЛІН В УНІВЕРСИТЕТАХ Актуальність теми дослідження зумовлена недостатньою розробленістю дидактичних основ підготовки студентів із хімії в умовах інформатизації. Теорія та методика професійної освіти наразі не може відповісти на запитання, пов'язані із забезпеченням умов підвищення ефективності навчання із застосуванням засобів інфор-
doi:10.24195/2414-4665-2016-12-19 fatcat:ylrrcxkkfnclnofvvv627a6qza