Online Monitoring System for Track Slab Temperature

Wenfa Zhu, Huizhen Ma, Haomin Liu, Wenbing Yang
2018 Proceedings of the 2017 International Seminar on Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Information Technology (ANIT 2017)   unpublished
Under the action of temperature, the change of temperature gradient exists in the vertical direction of the track slab in its structure. The temperature gradient will arouse the bending deformation between the track slab and the mortar cushion, which will result in the separation of the track slab layer and even have a certain influence on the safe operation of the train. In the paper, a set of online monitoring system for track slab temperature is developed, which realizes online acquisition
more » ... nline acquisition track slab temperature data and real-time warning. The system is composed of three parts: the front-end acquisition hardware, the back-end processing and analysis center, and the user terminal. Because of stable high-precision acquisition, remote transmission and reporting of detection results, and longtime solar power supply the system has been successfully used for monitoring track slab temperature of railway passenger line in east China. Real-time monitoring the track slab temperature change is very important to improve the design of rail structure, disease prevention and maintenance.
doi:10.2991/anit-17.2018.8 fatcat:o7yv3giibveedozaqu62ivj3f4