Some new data on the morphology ofSpinitectus inermis(Nematoda: Cystidicolidae), a rare parasite of eels, as revealed by SEM

F. Moravec
1996 Parasite  
S o m e n e w d a t a o n t h e m o r p h o l o g y o f S p in it e c t u s in e r m is (N e m a t o d a : C y s t id ic o l i d a e ), a r a r e p a r a s it e Summary : Scanning electron microscopy studies of two males of Spinitectus inermis (Zeder, 18 00 ), a stomach parasite of eels, Anguilla anguilla (L.), in Europe made it possible to describe in detail the apical structure of this rare nematode as well as the morphology of the male caudal end. The structure of the mouth of S. inermis is
more » ... h of S. inermis is intermediate between those of freshwater and marine species as regards the configuration of the pseudolabia and the presence of sublabia. This is probably associated with the host which occurs in both habitats. The presence of a median, unpaired preanal papilla is reported in the male of S. inermis for the first time. Résumé : D on n ées nouvelles sur la m orph o lo g ie en m icrosco pie électron ique à balayage de Spinitectus inermis ( N ematod a : Cystidicolidae) , parasite peu fr éq uen t de l'anguille Parasite, 1996, 3, 169-174 M ém oire
doi:10.1051/parasite/1996032169 fatcat:ck3af4ojqjenra2tlrjdwarpjm