Shakespeare'in Antonius ve Kleopatrasında Antonius'un Trajik Çöküşü

Abdullah Kodal
2019 Bilecik Şeyh Edebali Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü dergisi  
Although there have been lots of debates about the reason of downfall of the great Roman general Antony, there is exactly one forefront reason in his destruction, it is Cleopatra herself. Her subversive power over Antony together with her manipulative and seductive power leads to the gradual breakdown of the male protagonist Antony and his destruction at the end. Thus, to understand all aspects of his downfall as one of the triumvirs of the great Roman Empire, we have to know exactly, who
more » ... exactly, who Cleopatra is and the role she played in Antony's downfall as a woman. Shakespeare's Cleopatra even today regarded by some as the source of beauty and by some as the source of manipulation but the common point for most people; it would not be possible to describe her within the limited definitions of woman in patriarchal society and one would need more than these, at least, for Cleopatra. Regarding the different approaches and criticisms about the downfall of the protagonist Antony, my aim in this article is to show how Cleopatra as an outstanding female model in ancient ages led to the downfall of the male protagonist of Shakespeare's play the great Roman general Antony by using her special feminine characteristic features such as her beauty, her tempting words and speeches and also her seductive wiles against patriarchal assumptions that leads her to being condemned as a femme fatale. In this perspective, in the play of Shakespeare Cleopatra's character is worth being analyzed whether she plays a submissive or a subversive role in the collapse of Antony.
doi:10.33905/bseusbed.610180 fatcat:s2ccottta5hvloilh2lkeu3eb4