Notizen: Kristallstruktur von [MoCl2(NSN) · 2 THF]2; einem Metallaheterocyclus mit der NSN4--Einheit / Crystal Structure of [MoCl2(NSN) · 2 THF]2; a Metallaheterocycle with the NSN4- Unit

Klaus Hösler, Frank Weller, Kurt Dehnicke
1989 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
The chlorothionitrene complex [Cl4Mo(NSCl)]2 reacts with N,N,N′-tris(trimethylsilyl)benzamidine in THF solution to form the heterocyclic complex [MoCl2(NSN) · 2 THF]2, which contains the [NSN]4-unit. The compound is characterized by IR spectroscopy and by an X-ray structure determination (Space group P2,/c, Z = 2, 1504 observed unique reflexions, R = 0.044. Lattice dimensions at 19°C: a = 1176.0(1), b = 1108.6(4), c = 1227.3(3) pm, β = 118.25(1)°). The compound forms centrosymmetric molecules
more » ... mmetric molecules [(THF)2Cl2Mo(NSN)2MoCl2(THF)2], in which the molybdenum atoms are members of a nearly planar Mo(NSN)2Mo eight-membered ring with bond lengths MoN 180.2 and 175.2 pm; NS 157.5 and 160.6 pm; the bond angle NSN is 108.3°, corresponding to a NSN4- unit.
doi:10.1515/znb-1989-1029 fatcat:2o2krf4ib5dunkjcaohr3ru3xq