From Class Struggle to General Middle-Class Society to Divided Society: Societal Models of Inequality in Postwar Japan

2008 Social Science Japan Journal  
After the fierce class struggles in the first postwar years, a societal model describing Japan as a general middle-class society with outstanding equality in opportunities and outcome became dominant. In recent years, a new societal model of Japan as a divided society has replaced this general middle-class model. Nonetheless, empirical research and comparative studies neither fully support a model of Japan as an exceptionally equal society from the 1960s onward nor do they show a fundamental
more » ... ow a fundamental transformation of contemporary Japan into a socially divided society. This paper argues that the sequence and timing of societal models of inequality in Japan since 1945 reflect the degree of resonance that societal models of inequality have in the lifeworlds of society.
doi:10.1093/ssjj/jyn022 fatcat:jlbuf7cqq5ffpgnhv6o2ivfd6y