Rose Bengal Test and Complement Fixation Test To Detect Human Brucellosis In Occupationally Exposed Groups At Cilawu District, Garut

Risqa Novita
2018 Proceedings of the 1st International Conference in One Health (ICOH 2017)   unpublished
Human brucellosis is a neglected zoonoses disease in Indonesia. The data on human brucellosis prevalence is limited. Brucellosis infects human from infected animals by direct contact, drink milk from infected animals and breath the contaminated air. Farmers, dairy workers, veterinarians and people who work at the farm have high risk for infected human brucellosis. Limited studies have been undertaken on human brucellosis especially in occupationally exposed groups. This study was conducted to
more » ... timate the seroprevalence of human brucellosis among occupationally exposed group in Cilawu sub district, Garut by serological tests (RBT and CFT). The study was carried out in rural area, in Cilawu District. The samples were based on estimated proportion test. We selected 57 respondents with inclusion criterias. Blood samples were collected from 57 occupationally exposed individuals. The blood samples process to serum by centrifuse in 3000 rpm for 10 minutes. The serum samples were screened for the presence of anti-brucellar antibodies by Rose Bengal Test (RBT) and confirmated test by Complement Fixation Test (CFT). 7.01 % human were positive by RBT. For confirmation test, we used CFT. The result of CFT was 5.3 % positive. The major risk factors was dairy workers among the occupational exposed groups. The studied population were exposed to Brucella spp infection. Regular screenings for brucellosis and awareness programmes to control brucellosis in occupationally exposed groups are necessary.
doi:10.2991/icoh-17.2018.16 fatcat:vdxmiiztgre4llekw7rktaf2ea