Application of Turkevich Method for Gold Nanoparticles Synthesis to Fabrication of SiO2@Au and TiO2@Au Core-Shell Nanostructures

Paulina Dobrowolska, Aleksandra Krajewska, Magdalena Gajda-Rączka, Bartosz Bartosewicz, Piotr Nyga, Bartłomiej Jankiewicz
2015 Materials  
The Turkevich synthesis method of Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) was adopted for direct fabrication of SiO2@Au and TiO2@Au core-shell nanostructures. In this method, chloroauric acid was reduced with trisodium citrate in the presence of amine-functionalized silica or titania submicroparticles. Core-shells obtained in this way were compared to structures fabricated by mixing of Turkevich AuNPs with amine-functionalized silica or titania submicroparticles. It was found that by modification of reaction
more » ... cation of reaction conditions of the first method, such as temperature and concentration of reagents, control over gold coverage on silicon dioxide particles has been achieved. Described method under certain conditions allows fabrication of semicontinuous gold films on the surface of silicon dioxide particles. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report describing use of Turkevich method to direct fabrication of TiO2@Au core-shell nanostructures.
doi:10.3390/ma8062849 fatcat:ipsmt2vqg5cabdvxrcyqus5btu