A Few Rough Ideas for the Construction and Arming of Iron-Clad Ships of War

Andrew A. W. Drew
1865 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
OX' TIfE COSSTRUCTION AND ARJLIRG OF in the gun, during their flight through the air, tho smooth side of tho rifling comes in contact with tlic air. When they strike the grol1nd, thcy mill not haw n tendency to scrcw in ; but, on tlic contrary, they will ricoclict as long as they hnrc any powcr or force, and on ~triliing r a t e r they will s?iim dong, in tlic same manner as n flat stone when skilfully thrown on the surfacc. In conclusion, I beg to claim your forbcarancc for the length of this
more » ... the length of this paper, and for thc rcpctitions in discussing the subject, which I haw made from my not being in the habit of writing such compositions, and from my anxiety to be understood. The CIIAI~XAX : IIare yon made any experiments ? Xr. CAIL: h'one but with air. I hare been very much occupied myself, and hare not had the opportunity of making any experiment, but I intend to do 60 when I get more leisure. n i c CIIAIRXAS : We arc much obliged to IOU, Mr. Cd, for taking the trouble to come so long a distance to gircrus this paper. At lemt it iS a new idea, and therc ia no doubt that IOU ham Lit the wcak points in the old r& s;yatem. !Ute diillcnlty of getting sufficient strength, and the difficulties of obtaining sufficient velocity, nrising from retardation from the rarious modea of gctting rotation, and the additional weight duc to the elongated shot, these clifficultiee, 1 hare no doubt, ~i l l a1rra-p causc thc preference to be giren to the round b d for high relocities, until materinls morc enduring tlian those we now hare aro obtained, or a misailc on .z prinei lo that will entail 1cs6 strain. It does appear to me that Mr. Cail has preeentccfus with a principle, of which no one can speak n ?~ decidedly without experiments ; but PO far aa appearances go, it presents a w3y Out of the d8kdty, md gircs us the hope of getting cffcctirc high relocities with elongated shot. Thc American experiments liare gonc entirely in thc direction of round shot. E r e 7 description of rifling that they hare tried has not been found so effectire ne round Eliot against iron plates. It i3 iucTitable to my mind. I think tl& plan does afford a war of escape, and that it is eminently worthy of an crperimcnt. You will allow me, I am sum, to return your thanks to 3fr. Cail for thc time, trouble, and expense he bas incurred in coming to rcad this pnper. Xr. CAXL : I quite ngec with you that you can nerer get the Eamc relocity d t h long shot as you can with round shot. There can never be any form of shot which will h3re EO littlc friction as a round ball, that I am perfectly Eatisfied about.
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