Short communication: massive mortality in rabbits by maduramicin poisoning

Martino P.E., Parrado E., Sanguinetti R., Espinoza C., Debenedetti R., Di Benedetto N.M.
2010 World Rabbit Science  
A spontaneous outbreak of maduramicin intoxication in domestic rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is reported. It is believed that maduramicin incorporated as a coccidiostat into poultry pellet fed to rabbits was the cause, as up to 2.01 ppm was found in the samples and cardiopulmonary clinical signs in most of the rabbits was the common pattern. Findings here were consistent with the classic indications observed in ionophore toxicosis in different species, but little is known about the toxicity of maduramicin in rabbits.
doi:10.4995/wrs.2009.670 fatcat:uux5f5drevb35gsgw6v5ntqp2q