Combined differential Doppler and time delay compensation for an underwater acoustic communication system

J.S. Dhanoa, R.F. Ormondroyd
Oceans '02 MTS/IEEE  
AbsImcf-This paper describes a new system architecture for high data rate digital acoustic communication over a shallow underwater channel that is subject to severe Doppler and time delay spread. The method uses high-resolution channel eharacterization in the time and frequency domains to resolve the main multipath components. This is followed by successive interference cancellation using the Doppler and time delay information for each of the multipaths independently. Directional antennas are
more » ... onal antennas are not required to spatially filter the multipath components and the simulation results presented are tor an omnidirectional receiver. The method works at SNRs as low as SdB.
doi:10.1109/oceans.2002.1193332 fatcat:euolyz6hnfa6npttphlyajzvjy