Vorticity Affects the Stability of Neutron Stars

Vahid Rezania, Roy Maartens
2000 Physical Review Letters  
The spin rate \Omega of neutron stars at a given temperature T is constrained by the interplay between gravitational-radiation instabilities and viscous damping. Navier-Stokes theory has been used to calculate the viscous damping timescales and produce a stability curve for r-modes in the (\Omega,T) plane. In Navier-Stokes theory, viscosity is independent of vorticity, but kinetic theory predicts a coupling of vorticity to the shear viscosity. We calculate this coupling and show that it can in
more » ... how that it can in principle significantly modify the stability diagram at lower temperatures. As a result, colder stars can remain stable at higher spin rates.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.84.2560 pmid:11017269 fatcat:pmjhz7sacjbf3pwqfadzvq3d54