N.Z. Ibrahimova, Acad. M. Nagiyev Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan
2020 Kimya problemləri  
Features of the crystal structure of the sym. Ме 6 Fс molecule are compared with features of crystal structures of sym. Me n Fc (n = 2, 8,10) and nonsymmetrical pentamethylferrocene (Me 5 C 5 )FeC 5 H 5 . The intra-ring and off-ring valence angles of the 1,2,4-Me 3 C 5 H 2 ligand in the complex sym. Me 6 Fc are interpreted by the steric interactions of the vicinal methyl groups with each other, as well as with a single Me-group of the second 1,2,4-Me 3 C 5 H 2 ligand of the molecule. It found
more » ... olecule. It found that in spite of the fact that changes in the Fe-(C 5 ring center) bond length in a series sym. Me n Fc (n = 2,6,8,10) correspond to an increase in steric effects between methyl groups of different rings, there is also an electronic effect of methyl groups which does not emanate from superior steric effects in the sym. polymethylferrocenes. (CIF file CCDC No. 1436882).
doi:10.32737/2221-8688-2020-2-145-150 fatcat:6jnl2csyurgx7jy2cm2lndkskm