The Latent Heat of Vaporization of Coal-Tar Oils

1922 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
1 cent CO, and 54.3 per cent EL; from this, one would conclude that the greatly enlarged surface of the lampblack greatly expedited Reaction D, as otherwise the high percentage of CO would be unexplainable at this temperature. On the other hand, the composition of the gas in the other instance is about what would normally be expected a t 560' C., and explanation on a basis of the ash content of the coke seems superfluous. If the amount of undecomposed water had been given, we could draw niore
more » ... could draw niore definite conclusions about just what happened in those two cases, although a high carbon monoxide content at low temperature is always pointing toward combination AD. SUMMARY 1-The ten possible and three probable combinations of reactions which can be called upon to explain the water-gas process are discussed. %Demonstration is made of a possibility of drawing conclusions from the composition of the resulting gases to the actual procedure of the reactions. 3-The applicability of the principles outlined is tested on a series of nine observations published by Bunte and Harries. 4-The application of these considerations to catalytic observations is discussed.
doi:10.1021/ie50145a034 fatcat:44vevw2zpjhd7pbovvlyl3yqeq