Ultra Wide Band Antenna with Defected Ground Plane and Microstrip Line Fed for Wi-Fi/Wi-Max/DCS/5G/Satellite Communications [chapter]

Ashish Singh, Krishnananda Shet, Durga Prasad
2020 Modern Printed Circuit Antennas [Working Title]  
In this chapter, ultra wide band angular ring antenna has been proposed for wireless applications. It has been observed that antenna resonate from 2.9 to 13.1 GHz which has 10.2 GHz bandwidth. Further, it is observed that antenna has nearly omni-directional radiation pattern for E and H-plane at 3.5, 5.8, and 8.5 GHz. The theoretical analysis of the proposed has been done using circuit theory analysis. It was also found using simulation that antenna has good input and output response of 0.2 ns.
more » ... response of 0.2 ns. Proposed antenna measured, simulated, and theoretical results matches for antenna characteristics, i.e., reflection coefficient and radiation pattern. Bandwidth of antenna lies between 2.9 and 13.1 GHz, so this antenna is suitable for Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, digital communication system (DCS), satellite communication, and 5G applications.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.91428 fatcat:enmyeoa3wjec5jxalgupdarsyu