Adaptation to Climate Change in Swedish Forestry

E. Keskitalo, Johan Bergh, Adam Felton, Christer Björkman, Mats Berlin, Petter Axelsson, Eva Ring, Anneli Ågren, Jean-Michel Roberge, Maartje Klapwijk, Johanna Boberg
2016 Forests  
M. et al. (2016) Adaptation to Climate Change in Swedish Forestry. Forests, 7(2): 28 http://dx.Abstract: Adaptation to climate change in forestry has become a growing concern, in part due to the impact of storms and other events that have raised the awareness of such risks amongst forest owners. Sweden is one of Europe's most densely-forested countries, with this sector playing a major role economically. However adaptation has, to a large extent, been limited to the provision of recommendations
more » ... of recommendations to forest managers, most of which have only been partially implemented. This paper summarizes research with direct implications for adaptation to climate change within the forestry sector in Sweden. The focus is based in particular on providing examples of adaptations that illustrate the specific Swedish orientation to adaptation, in line with its relatively intensive forest management system. The paper thus illustrates a specific Swedish orientation to adaptation through active management, which can be contrasted with approaches to adaptation in other forestry systems, in particular those with limited management or management based on maintaining natural forests in particular.
doi:10.3390/f7020028 fatcat:34qty26vjrfwxhy2xs27ktzoyq