En el mundo de hoy, la antropología es más importante que nunca
In Today's World, Anthropology is More Important than Ever

Maurice Godelier
2016 Antropólogos Iberoamericanos en Red  
En el mundo de hoy, la antropología es más importante que nunca Maurice Godelier École des hautes études en sciences sociales abstRact: After the collapse of the European colonialism in the 20th Century, the intellectual Western Word was part of a crisis, which called into questions its own concepts, methods and more fundamentally their legitimacy. The Western World became "another" Western World, and in that context, the discipline, that supposedly explored other societies, experimented a
more » ... experimented a process of deconstruction. On the one hand, this crisis portrays the disappearance of the object of study in the discipline, the "primitive" societies; but on the other hand, it settles down the basis to reconstruct the profession of the anthropologist as a fundamental element in our world. This articles illustrates several examples of the fundamental role that anthropology plays today in the task of serving the scientific interpretation of social diversity. Traditional objects of study in the discipline come back over again and provoke the creation of new and more diverse social groups. This was the case of societies that were formed after the colonial period, including the Baruya, Tikopia, as well as the recent creation of Saudi Arabia.
doi:10.11156/aibr.110104 fatcat:76buciqu2vffbfnbsz5sywss4m