Extração líquido-líquido de ferro(III) e titânio(IV) pelo ácido bis-(2-etil-hexil) fosfórico (D2EHPA) em meio de ácido sulfúrico

Glauco Corrêa da Silva, José Waldemar Silva Dias da Cunha, Jo Dweck, Julio Carlos Afonso
2008 Química Nova  
Recebido em 2/4/07; aceito em 20/9/07; publicado na web em 2/4/08 LIQUID-LIQUID EXTRACTION (LLE) OF Fe(III) AND Ti(IV) BY BIS-(2-ETHYL-HEXYL) PHOSPHORIC ACID (D2EHPA) IN SULFURIC ACID MEDIUM: This work presents a study on the separation of Fe(III) and Ti(IV) from sulfuric acid leaching solutions of ilmenite (FeTiO 3 ) using liquid-liquid extraction with D2EHPA in n-dodecane as extracting agent. The distribution coefficients (K D ) of the elements related to free acidity and concentration of
more » ... oncentration of Fe(III) and Ti(IV) were determined. Free acidity was changed from 3x10 -2 to 11.88 mol L -1 and D2EHPA concentration was fixed at 1.5 mol L 1 . Recovery of final products as well as recycling of wastes generated in the process were also investigated. The LLE process as a feasible alternative to obtain high-purity TiO 2 .
doi:10.1590/s0100-40422008000500053 fatcat:rq7fioizdbfrpiitjh6hwaec4i