Sub-lethal poisoning of possums with acute pesticides used in bait stations

R.J. Henderson, G.A. Morriss
1996 Proceedings of the New Zealand Plant Protection Conference  
Cage and field evaluations showed that the percentage of possums sub-lethally dosed increased as baits became less palatable or the concentration of toxicant was reduced. Palatability was impaired when cereal-based baits were stored wet and this reduced the average kill. Lowering the concentration of 1080 or cholecalciferol in baits also resulted in lower kills. Toxic cereal baits should provide effective possum control when used in bait stations if they contain either 0.8% cholecalciferol or
more » ... holecalciferol or 0.15% 1080, are highly palatable, and are kept dry until possums feed on them.
doi:10.30843/nzpp.1996.49.11444 fatcat:wymnw3wikvhwpimmnaeoc22rzi