Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the analgesic effect of intraoperative esmolol for laparoscopic gastroplasty [post]

2019 unpublished
Patients undergoing bariatric surgery can have respiratory complications in addition to vomiting and ileus. Esmolol can decrease the consumption of opioids, reducing their side effects. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the analgesic effect of esmolol in patients allocated to laparoscopic gastroplasty. Methods Forty patients between 18 and 50 years old, of both genders, physical status ASA I-II, who underwent bypass gastroplasty were divided into two groups. Participants in group 1
more » ... nts in group 1 received a 0.5 mg/kg bolus of esmolol in 30 mL of saline before induction of anesthesia, followed by infusion of 15µg/kg/min until the end of surgery; those in group 2 received 30 mL of saline bolus and infusion of solution in the same volume as group 1. The anesthesia included fentanyl (5ug/kg), propofol (2-4 mg/kg), rocuronium (0.6 mg/kg), 50% oxygen without nitrous oxide and 2% sevoflurane, with remifentanil if necessary. There were evaluated: remifentanil consumption, time to analgesic supplementation, pain intensity for 24 h and morphine dose over 24 h. Side effects were noted. Results Intraoperative remifentanil supplementation, time to recovery, and postoperative morphine supplementation were lower in the esmolol group; there was no difference in time for the first supplementation. Pain intensity was lower, except at T0 and after 12 h. There were no differences in side effects. Conclusions Intraoperative esmolol promotes an analgesic effect without causing adverse effects, making it an effective drug for multimodal analgesia for gastroplasty. hyper-algesia: current perspectives on mechanisms and therapeutic strategies. Local Reg Anesth. 2018; 11: 15-23 22. Hwang WJ, Moon YE, Cho SJ, Lee J. The effect of a continuous infusion of low-dose esmolol on the requirement for remifentanil during laparoscopic gynecologic surgery. J Clin Anesth. 2013 Feb;25(1):36-41 23. Kayak AF, Ergil J, Ozkan D, Akinci M, Ozmen M, Gumus H. A comparison of the effects of intraoperative esmolol and lidocaine infusions on postoperative analgesia.
doi:10.21203/rs.2.12506/v1 fatcat:covcufthr5g3dltoz2bivt2v6i