Decision letter: From single neurons to behavior in the jellyfish Aurelia aurita [peer_review]

Richard Satterlie, Eva Kanso, Ronald L Calabrese
2019 unpublished
Jellyfish nerve nets provide insight into the origins of nervous systems, as both their taxonomic position and their evolutionary age imply that jellyfish resemble some of the earliest neuron-bearing, actively-swimming animals. Here, we develop the first neuronal network model for the nerve nets of jellyfish. Specifically, we focus on the moon jelly Aurelia aurita and the control of its energy-efficient swimming motion. The proposed single neuron model disentangles the contributions of
more » ... butions of different currents to a spike. The network model identifies factors ensuring nonpathological activity and suggests an optimization for the transmission of signals. After modeling the jellyfish's muscle system and its bell in a hydrodynamic environment, we explore the swimming elicited by neural activity. We find that different delays between nerve net activations lead to wellcontrolled, differently directed movements. Our model bridges the scales from single neurons to behavior, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of jellyfish neural control of locomotion. Pallasdies et al. eLife 2019;8:e50084. DOI: 1 of 32 RESEARCH ARTICLE Pallasdies et al. eLife 2019;8:e50084.
doi:10.7554/elife.50084.sa1 fatcat:ojdvaodqgvb5hj2tjv5uratqgm