2015 Journal of International Social Research  
Foreign language teaching is teaching of culture at the same time. .Because of the close relation between language and culture means learning a foreign language also learning societies and cultures of the target language. For this reason is one of the highligted points in modern foreign language teaching is developing intercultural communicative competence of the learner through foreign language. Within the intercultural competence are student's perceptions, attitudes and also their assesment
more » ... wards the target culture meaningful. Therefore this study is conducted to examine the opinions and comments of the students who are studying german as foreign language, on Germany, German people and German language with a questionnaire which is prepared on the basis of Schulze's study (2008). The following question is sought to be answered by the response analysis: How do students perceive German people and German social life subjectively as a result of cultural transmission through their lessons? The results show that the students have positive attitudes to German individual and social life. Another point that has been indicated by the results is that the students are interested in learning german because German will increase their options in work.
doi:10.17719/jisr.20154013873 fatcat:n3hu6vxc6jde5ioufrf2s43a6q