The Perceptions of Students about the Role of School Counselors on Career Selection

2018 European Journal of Educational Research  
Firstly, the researcher provides an insightful introduction into the phenomenon focused on to explicate the learners' views about the role of school counselors in line with career selection. To attain the study objectives, the researcher used a multi-unit case study to investigate the perceptions among high-school students about school counselors' roles and career selection. The investigator used open-ended questionnaires to harness information and then utilized the qualitative descriptive
more » ... ve descriptive approach to analyze the data. Analysis of the information collected via open-ended questionnaires was done through thematic analysis, which was a subset of the broader qualitative descriptive technique. The findings denoted that high-school learners have varied perceptions with regards to the roles of school counselors and career selection. Todd Mckee and Caldarella (2016) depict that dropping out of school often results in poverty, unemployment, high dependency, and low quality of life among other social difficulties that call for effective career guidance in schools. According to Awinsong, Dawson, and Gidiglo (2015) , making realistic and correct career choices is a delicate and difficult task; hence, schools ought to ensure that guidance and counseling with regards to career selection is effective to foster appropriate decision-making. Whether learners utilise the services offered by school counselors depends on the learners' perceptions about the roles of counselors when selecting their career (Awinsong et al., 2015) . Andronic, Andronic, Lepadatu, and Tatu (2013) indicate that counseling incorporates an array of things because it is both an evaluation and a method of information. Counseling is a technique to change an individual's behavior, it is a communication experience, and it is a way of searching for meaning in life (Andronic et al. 2015). Statement problem Nyamwange, Nyakan, and Ondima (2012) indicate that services that focus on guidance and counseling enhance the learners' success, especially with regard to career selection. However, delivering the guidance and counseling sessions face a myriad of challenges, which hinder effectiveness of guiding the students to select their future careers. According to Nyamwange et al. (2012) several challenges affect guidance and counseling with regards to career selection. These challenges include inadequate programs with regards to guidance and counseling, inadequate resources, and
doi:10.12973/eu-jer.7.4.763 fatcat:76m5do5alzfsbkieca4ftrruua