Organic farming system in India: A review

Anju Rani, Maneesha Singh, Chhaya Singh, Raj Singh
2019 International Journal of Agricultural Invention  
In the present scenario environmental conditions are adverse each and every one get affects by global warming, pollution (air, water, soil). Soil becomes infertile due to use of chemicals in the form of insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers and we get food with harsh chemicals those produce many health problems and show harmful effects on the environment. Organic production is a system that sustains soil, ecosystem and people health. Along with health benefits, organic farming has lots of
more » ... ming has lots of benefits in our environment; ecosystem, ecological cycles and biodiversity adapted to community surroundings. Organic agricultural system joins science, innovation and tradition, to give benefit to the environment. In organic farming nano-fertilizers fulfils all requirements present as well as future generation under eco-friendly conditions.
doi:10.46492/ijai/2019.4.2.21 fatcat:7dpapnrvujhyfj7fla6ukathgq