Hospital Reports

1855 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
oet. 20. Irish. Single : domestic. Entered March 20th, 1855. She had had a cough, at times, for several weeks, and may have been exposed to cold. Previously her health was good. On the 12th, she was well, but after a hearty supper had nausea and vomiting in the night. The next day her cough was worse, and she kept her bed. She rode here from South Boston without feeling very tired. 21st.-In bed. Does not look like a sick person. Wishes to go home for some clothes. Some pain over lower left
more » ... ver lower left ribs. Dulness; bronchial respiration and coarse crépitant rale, at the end of long inspiration, over lower half or two-thirds of left back. Expectoration semi-transparent, orange-colored, viscid. She was kept awake two or three nights before entrance, but slept better last night, after taking Dover's powder. Skin natural ; pulse 78, small and weak ; thin, whitish coat on tongue ; had taste ; small appetite. 22d.-Up and dressed. Pulse 96, small and weak. Pain in left lower chest. Less resonance on percussion in left, than in right lower back. Respiration there loud, with coarse crepitus at the end of inspiration. Respiration almost bronchial in left infra-spinous fossa. Sonorous rale over left front chest. Expectoration same as yesterday. 23d.-Expectoration orange-colored. Difference of resonance more marked in left supra-spinous fossa than in lower back. Bronchial respiration, and some oegophony. 24th.-Has raised less than half an ounce of yellow, viscid, semi-transparent mucus. Cough easier. 26th.-Pulse 92. Scarcely coughs or raises at all. Asks for meat. Has still some soreness over left chest. Some difference in percussion over two backs. Some coarse rale at end of inspiration in left side. Respiration rude between scapula and spinal column. 28th.-Sitting up. Less soreness of side. Cough unfrequent. No expectoration. 30th.-Slight difference of resonance of percussion in lower backs. One or two bruits of crépitant rales on long inspiration, below point of left scapula. Voice over left back natural. April 10th.-No physical signs. Discharged well. Treatment.-Laxative expeclorants and an occasional Dover's powder. II. William E. H., oet. 27. Irish. Clerk : single. Entered March 22d, 1855. March 23d.-Calls himself healthy ; never had rheumatism before, and does not know of it in his family. Attributes present illness to wet feet on 15th. That evening, felt pain in left knee ; went to work next morning, but came home at 4, P.M., and has kept bed since. Now, lying on back; pulse 72; skin natural; pain in elbows, left wrist and right ankle; less pain in riçht knee ; left wrist swollen. Some thoracic pain during last two days. Moves in bed with much difficulty. Mouth tastes badly. Took Dov. powd., gr. x. last night, and slept better than on previous nights. R. Pulv. guaiaci, 5j' R-Potass, nitrat., 5j. Infus. lini, Ojss. for drink.
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