Hunt and prey from legal view in Iran

Mandana Rad, Mohammad Hasan, Habibi
2015 unpublished
Importance of hunt and prey topic in the regard that it is the primer of human civilization is attention worthy. Population growth and increasing need of human of its environment particularly food supply practically have endangered many wild life animals. Therefore, if some criteria and regulations have not been considered for protection and survival, these god creatures will be dead during a very short time. In the international arena, no country can fulfill programs related to economic,
more » ... and cultural development without considering this consequential. In year 1992, because of necessity and sensitivity and importance of environment protection in the global level, international conference of development and environment was held in ((Rio de Janeiro)). Results of this conference, specially its 27 articles statement and also agenda 21 that have been approved by participants on that conference including Iran offered a global pattern for achieving the desired goals in order to modulate the environmental considerations in economic development program and attaining a stable development that considering it in economic, social and cultural development programs of Islamic republic of Iran its absolute necessary. Because protecting the environment balance and as the result wild life protection and preventing irregular hunt and prey that cause environment destruction and irrecoverable damages, and also hunt and prey legality and legalizing guarantee of necessary performs and ... are issues that neglecting them will make problems for us in the future. Nevertheless, what has the key aspect and is qualified to be studied in this essay is the state of the international standards effect on internal law. Thus, this essay is trying to survey on hunt and prey legal system in Iran country. Keywords: hunt and prey, legal resources, environmental issues, hunt and prey locations, legal and retribution laws and provisions.