Development of the microstructure of the silicon nitride based ceramics

J.C. Bressiani, V. Izhevskyi, Ana H. A. Bressiani
1999 Materials Research  
Basic regularities of silicon nitride based materials microstructure formation and development in interrelation with processing conditions, type of sintering additives, and starting powders properties are discussed. Models of abnormal or exaggerated grain growth are critically reassessed. Results of several model experiments conducted in order to determine the most important factors directing the microstructure formation processes in RE-fluxed Si3N4 ceramics are reviewed. Existing data on the
more » ... chanisms governing the microstructure development of Si3N4-based ceramics are analyzed and several principles of microstructure tailoring are formulated.
doi:10.1590/s1516-14391999000300009 fatcat:4wwedrbmobeozo3r5yhwy73cpq