Activation and Switching of Supramolecular Chemical Signals in Multi-Output Microfluidic Devices

Artem Bezrukov, Yury Galyametdinov
2022 Micromachines  
In this study, we report on the developing of a continuous microfluidic reaction device that allows selective activation of polyelectrolyte–surfactant chemical signals in microflows and switches them between multiple outputs. A numerical model was developed for convection–diffusion reaction processes in reactive polymer–colloid microfluidic flows. Matlab scripts and scaling laws were developed for this model to predict reaction initiation and completion conditions in microfluidic devices and
more » ... location of the reaction front. The model allows the optimization of microfluidic device geometry and the setting of operation modes that provide release of the reaction product through specific outputs. Representing a chemical signal, polyelectrolyte–surfactant reaction products create various logic gate states at microfluidic chip outputs. Such systems may have potential as biochemical signal transmitters in organ-on-chip applications or chemical logic gates in cascaded microfluidic devices.
doi:10.3390/mi13101778 fatcat:7f5fd2viozej5iuhis4ea5uopq