Complete Fracture of the Lower Third of the Radius in Childhood, with Green-stick Fracture of the Ulna.???SKILLERN (Annals Surgery, 1915, lxi, 209)

1915 American Journal of the Medical Sciences  
SURGERY 291 of urine when the patient was on a diet poor in salt and nitrogen, with polyuria when the usual mixed diet was given. Otherwise there was no diminution in the ability of the kidneys to secrete nitrogen, sodium chloride and water, but for substances foreign to the body (milksugar, potassium iodide and phenolsulphonephthalein) there was a moderate delay in excretion. The finding of traces of albumin in the urine without morphological elements was constant. There was a moderate
more » ... a moderate increase in blood-pressure amounting to 235 to 240 cm. water (v. Recklinghausen). The study of the blood in these cases revealed normal concentration, osmotic pressure, and rest nitrogen. SURGERY UNDER THE CHARGE OP
doi:10.1097/00000441-191508000-00040 fatcat:qr7cn3mmxbf4jgj3agdt563ggu