Relevant Education for Sustainable Human Development in Nigeria: Nollywood's Advocacy in Selected Video Films

Chisimdi Udoka Ihentuge, Maudlyn Oghenesuvwe Ejogharado
2017 UJAH Unizik Journal of Arts and Humanities  
In human development, conscious efforts are made to enlarge people's choices to enable them live a healthy and prolonged life, acquire knowledge, and have access to resources needed to earn a decent living. Obviously, sustained improvement in African human development still falls short of those experienced in other regions. Progress in African human development is majorly driven by education as against the experience of other regions where other factors dominate. Nollywood, the Nigerian video
more » ... he Nigerian video film industry, has played an active role in advocating the need for relevant education for all ages in Nigeria. This work attempts a discussion of Nollywood's education advocacy for sustainable human development through the reading of selected films. The concept development communication is relied on for conceptual foundation; while the theory of knowledge gap hypothesis is adopted for theoretical backing. The methodology adopted involves documentary research and extensive viewing of relevant films which culminated in content analysis of the viewed films. It is observed that Nollywood has not performed so poorly in advocating education as the major sign post for human development in Nigeria. Yet, a lot more still need to be done. It is recommended that Nollywood filmmakers pay serious attention to the sociology of their craft. Government and the educational sector should sponsor educational films through concept placement options. The general public, particularly the academe, should see Development Communication The concept of development communication is a recent trend. Various names have been used to denote the concept but development communication and communication for development are more generally used. To Uwakwe (Development Communication, 45), Development communication implies the adaptive use of the media (traditional or modern, or both) for the improvement of human lot; that is, the application of the media in the development in the overall matrix of human integration, human acceptance and human benefits. Victor Kogah supplies a more simplified but precise definition of development communication. To him, Development communication is a process, which involves a systematic approach or method of sending and receiving information aimed at the sustainable growth of the people. The above definition emphasises that development communication should be people-oriented and peoplecentred (163). Development communication is one concept that can no longer be ignored in the present audio-visual friendly information and communication era.
doi:10.4314/ujah.v18i2.7 fatcat:ho7dno4mebbm3f5r6tx56frpge